My Goal This Year: Become The Happiest I’ve Ever Been In My Life (And How You Can Too!)


Become my happiest self – happier than I have ever been in my life. That’s the goal I set for myself on January 1st this year. Now, I am not huge on New Year resolutions because usually I make a laundry list of goals that I would like to get done, and then I don’t get them done because it is too much and we forget and etc. So this year I decided to just focus on the ONE thing that I believe will improve everything else in my life as well by doing it: my happiness. I’d rather do ONE amazing thing than 1,000 mediocre things.

My goal for my happiness journey this year is not quite as simple as it seems. It precedes some bigger and deeper questions. How do you become your happiest? What is happiness and what brings more of it into your life?

I am taking a multiple pronged approach to optimal happiness. There are a few major categories that are scientifically backed in research to bring about happiness which I focus on improving:

The first one is doing what I love every day. Life is not about doing what is easiest and just lounging around all day. It’s not about playing it safe and taking the “normal” route. It is about pushing yourself to do something meaningful and worth doing in your life. It is about trying new things, meeting new people, helping others, and committing yourself to something that is bigger than yourself. For me right now, that is this blog and Life Tools. For those of you who don’t know, Life Tools is an online company and community I started to help each other naturally become happier and healthier for a higher quality of life. I love this mission and this is what I want to do with my time, energy, and passion. This is what I am here for and I know that I can help many, many people become happier and healthier, and live better lives. So, I do this every day. A lot. My passion comes from my WHY! So first step for you: find something that is bigger than yourself, be it a mission, a passion, or anything else that can help yourself and others, and make the world a better place. Make sure you love it and DO IT! Go all in! This will fill your life up with so much meaning and energy. You will have a huge reason to get up in the morning and your life will feel on track. You will know it is right because things will flow. From meaning, you find a deeper happiness and satisfaction in yourself and life.

Second area of my life that I’m improving is my health. Yep! Happiness and health are so interrelated that I’d actually venture to say they are the same thing. When you have a stomach ache or the flu or pain, do you feel happy? Exactly. It is much harder. I don’t think that you can have one without the other – at least not optimally. So this year I am focusing on becoming my healthiest to ultimately become my happiest. This means eating well, fixing nutritional deficiencies (through diet and supplementation), taking care of my body by stretching and staying active (such as riding my bike instead of driving a car), finding any hidden food allergies, having a calming morning routine, stopping and relaxing when I feel stressed, etc. There will be plenty of future articles on all of this! ūüôā Your brain and your body are one, and it is time we started taking care of it! So the first step for you in this area is to focus on eating a healthy diet with plenty of REAL food, and moving your body every day. You can do other things, but the simpler you keep it, the more likely you will stick to it. Once you’ve got this down, you can add more like looking for hidden inflammation and food allergies, balancing your hormones, supplementation, meditation, etc. I believe that a healthy diet and an active lifestyle is the 80/20 of health (what is the 80/20 principle?).

The next area of life that I’m improving is my social life. An active social life is SO important for optimal happiness, and it is something that I was definitely been lacking in for a few years. Just keeping yourself from being isolated and alone all the time is important and has been proven to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety levels. I most definitely learned that the hard way. But you don’t have to! For my social life, I have joined a few local groups where I am able to meet new people and make friends. I also plan on doing some volunteering at places I find interesting and enjoyable, or that I feel passion to help with. My business, Life Tools, has also been great for my social life since I am part of a few different associations and groups that meet up at various times throughout the month. I also started my own Life Tools Community group which I believe will become very successful and fun, since it is focused on helping each other become happier and healthier. There is no end to what you can do to bring more people and social events into your life. I am probably going to join and start a few more groups, and do a few more things as I continue to gain momentum, which I will write more about soon! So the first step for you in this area is to get social by joining a group, team, club, event, or getting a job that is social, etc. (NOT a cult though!). Just get yourself out there and get the ball rolling. The more you do it, the more people you will meet and the more events you will go to and get invited to, and the more people you will meet and become friends with, and on and on. Just start. This one is a compounding effect. ūüôā

The fourth area of life I am focusing on is putting extra time, effort, and attention into those important people in my life. Looking back on my life, I want to remember the times when I did crazy, fun, amazing things with the people I love the most. I am still improving in this area of course, but what I have learned so far is that if you have a good, caring, and loving relationship with your spouse, kids, family, etc., your whole life feels so much happier and brighter. If you are happy within your romantic relationship, you feel much happier in your life as well. If you are in harmonious relationships with your kids and extended family, your own happiness levels are going to be harmonious too. By kicking out toxic, stressful people and only focusing on those amazing and wonderful people in your life, your quality of living will skyrocket! You will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders and you will feel much happier overall. Maybe because of less stress and more fun with each other. So the first step for you is to identify all of the amazing people in your life who you truly love and appreciate, and make sure they know you love them! Put extra time, attention, and effort into these relationships, and enjoy life with them. Even if they are far away, call them! Take a road trip to go see them. Whatever, but don’t let these important relationships fade. No excuses. Also, make a list of anyone who is toxic and stop having relationships with them as soon as possible. These people drain you of your energy, health, and happiness and you don’t need them in your life (unless you enjoy negativity, stress, and rapid aging).

The next area of my life that I am improving is focusing and simplifying my life and myself. I put these two together because I think that you can’t really have one without the other. How do you simplify your life without focusing on what you want and need? How to you focus on something without simplifying the process and simplifying your life around your focus? I have been pretty good so far this year about focusing and simplifying things – not necessarily on purpose, but I think a lot of my focusing and simplifying actually came from the changes above I am making in my life and in myself. Life is much more peaceful now, and I know what I need to do, and I know what I want. I don’t own much, but I’m getting rid of most of what I own because I don’t need it – and somewhat by accident I recently found out that I actually don’t even notice when most of my belongings are gone or inaccessible. It made no difference in the quality of my life whatsoever. Once you know these things, life becomes much more interesting and enjoyable. So the first step for you is to make a list of what (and who) is truly important to you in your life. Focus your time, energy, and attention into those things and people. Reduce your time, attention, and energy on pretty much all other things. It really is this simple. However, it does not mean that actually doing this is easy. Execution is the hardest part because it is much easier said than done. But it is something that anyone can achieve if they want a happier life, and to become happier within themselves.

The last area of my life that I’m improving is spending time relaxing and rejuvenating. You can’t work every second of every day. That’s why we need sleep – so that our bodies and minds can rest. So I am focusing on getting enough sleep, doing things that I enjoy that also help me relax (such as hiking or songwriting), and stopping whatever I am doing and taking a break when I feel stressed out or anxious. No one can do their best or most efficient work when they are in this state of mind. It is also really bad for you – kind of like drinking a soda or something. If you feel anxious and stressed out, you must learn to control this. It may sound hard to do, but if you can get good at just pausing and stepping back for a breather, this will become simple. For example, when I am working on my business and I start feeling uptight and anxious, I stop and do something relaxing until I feel better. Usually, I only need about 10 minutes to feel better again. It doesn’t really matter what I do in that ten minutes as long as it is enjoyable and relaxing – sometimes I take a walk outside, other times I do some gardening, sometimes I take a warm shower, other times I call someone I love and just talk, and sometimes I just read a book. The important part is just taking this time to relax and come down from this state of high stress and anxiety. The problem is that most people don’t take that ten minutes, and carry that anxiety around with them for the rest of the day, and they bring it home with them to the people they love. This is not the kind of pattern you want going on in your life (especially since you want to focus extra love, time, and attention on your loved ones, not extra stress, fights, and anxiety). So the first step for you is to monitor your feelings and notice when you are feeling stressed and uptight. Once you are able to identify this, you can practice taking breaks to relax and get yourself back into a better mindset. I know that this can be hard for many people, especially at work and places that don’t approve of you taking “unnecessary” time away from your work. Luckily, there are ways around this and if you just bring a little creativity to the table you will still be able to do it. I’m not saying be lazy at your job and try to do nothing; I’m saying when you are anxious and stressed out, take the time you need to reset or else your whole day will go down the anxiety toilet! If you need a break you need a break.

So, this is what I have been doing so far! If you plan on implementing these things above, don’t try to do this all at once – just do it as it comes. I am not trying to accomplish major, specific, set goals towards any of these areas above. My goal instead is to just improve my happiness and health every day. I spend time learning about happiness from experience and other sources, and any time I see an opportunity in line with my happiness journey, I jump on it. I say no to everything else. I can tell you that lately I have been feeling happier than I have felt in a long time, so what I am doing is definitely working! I’ll keep you updated on my happiest-happiness journey as the year continues, and hopefully you can learn from it as well!

The Art of Living Simply


There used to be a time when I would rush around, continually trying to keep up with my day. I was always so busy and preoccupied that I didn’t have time to stop and notice everything around me.

I’m sure we have all felt this way at one point or another. But how often do you find yourself living this way? It’s like you are so busy with life that you have no time to live! How ironic right? But the truth is that many people are stuck on autopilot, speeding around everywhere at 100mph trying to keep up with… what exactly? Themselves? Society?

It is time to slow down and live life to truly live, not just survive and get through it. (see: Stop Living A Mediocre Life!) Time is valuable and we don’t get it back. If you think that you don’t have time to slow down, then you are the one who needs it the most.

Today I would like to show you some ways to cut out what you don’t want, and truly be able to live life. Enjoy!

It is not what we add, but what we subtract, that simplifies our life.  

People are always falling into this trap, where they want to simplify their lives and be happier, so they add more to their already overflowing agenda. Soon enough they are right back to where they started, thinking that whatever they added didn’t work, so they scrap it and add some other method instead. The problem here is not the method they are using (whether they are trying to meditate every day, or write every morning, or eat healthier, etc.) The issue is that they did not subtract. You can’t pour water into a glass forever. At some point it will overflow. Same goes for your life. You can’t keep adding new things forever or you will become too overwhelmed, frustrated, and burnt out, and nothing will work. The key is elimination. If you want more time in life, do less. Cut out anything that you don’t need to do. Study your daily schedule and find where you can eliminate time that is typically wasted and pointless tasks. You must subtract out the old bad habits and time-wasters before you can add more of what you want into your life.

What 20% of sources are causing 80% of my problems and unhappiness? 

The 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, was created by Joseph M. Juran. He¬†named this principle after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who published his first paper “Cours d’√©conomie politique‚ÄĚ in 1896. In this paper he explained that about 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. He also recorded that 20% of the pea pods¬†in his garden contained 80% of the peas. Why is this principle important to living simply? In a book by Richard Koch¬†called, The 80/20 Principle, he explains, “The 80/20 Principle asserts that a minority of causes, inputs, or effort usually leads to a majority of the results, outputs, or rewards.” By remembering this principle, you can understand that 80% of your outcomes comes from 20% of your inputs. Knowing this helps you leverage your time and money to truly live the way that you want to; to live your dream life. If you¬†can¬†understand and apply this principle, then you can live life productively and seek maximum satisfaction by only focusing¬†on what is truly important to you.¬†

So by asking yourself what 20% of sources are causing 80% of¬†your¬†problems and unhappiness, you are able to¬†begin putting the 80/20 Principle into practice! Once you identify what these issues are, you just have to figure out how to eliminate them from your life. If you can’t completely eliminate them, then at least you can greatly reduce¬†them so that you can spend your time and energy on better things.

What 20% of sources are causing 80% of my desired outcomes and happiness?

Once you have figured out the main issues that you need to eliminate, you can now go on to look at what you can keep and increase in your life! You have subtracted out what you don’t want, and now you have room to add in what you do want. ūüôā

You can also ask yourself some other questions based on the 80/20 Principle, such as:

Who are the 20% of people who contribute to 80% of your enjoyment and help you grow?

Who are the 20% of people who cause 80% of your anger and second guessing?

There are so many questions you can ask yourself based on this principle, so don’t limit yourself to just these above. Come up with some of your own if you want! If you have a good one, you can always put it in the comments below so that others can think about¬†it too.

Keep an Open Mind

People with an open mind experience much more in life simply because they are open to it. Keeping an open mind is being slow to judge. It means trying new things, and letting go of old negative energy and grudges. When you keep your mind open, your world opens up too. You find that there are more possibilities for you than you thought and that your life is not just set in stone. It is open to whatever you are. Keeping an open mind opens up new opportunities, adventures, and experiences. It also rids you of a lot of unnecessary negativity that comes with a closed mind. Closed minds are stubborn and complicated. When you start living with an open mind, everything is so much more simple, clear, and fun. You can learn a lot by simply experiencing everything without judging so much.

Listen to Your Inner Self

For me personally, I put a lot of emphasis on this because it is so true. Every time I have tried to ignore what my inner self was telling me, I became miserable. Some people call this inner self God, or the Universe, or your gut feeling, etc. It doesn’t really matter what you call it as long as you understand what I am talking about. Everyone has their own personal preference as to what exactly this inner feeling is. But no one can deny that there is some kind of inner feeling that seems somewhat spiritual in a sense.

To trust your inner self you must first get to know your inner self. Maybe you do this through prayer, or meditation, or some other way. Knowing your inner self is one of the best things you can do for yourself because once you know your inner self, you can listen to its guidance. Your inner self is your true self, and it already knows what you truly want and don’t want out of life. It simply¬†knows everything you need for a fulfilling life. All you have to do is listen.

Sometimes we think we know what we want but when we get it, we realize that we didn’t actually want it. This is because we actually didn’t know what we wanted. ¬†We thought we knew what ¬†we wanted, but in reality we didn’t. This is because we didn’t connect with our inner self. The inner self always knows exactly what you need, and it is always there waiting to show you the way. All you have to do is pay attention to it and be open to it.

By listening to your inner self, you start to live according to your true values and desires. Life becomes more simple because you are not confused with what society wants for you, what you think you want for yourself, and what you really want for yourself. You know deep down what you want, and life becomes much more simple and enjoyable when you listen to that.

There are many other ways to live simply Рsuch as eating healthy meals, hanging out with positive people, keeping your thoughts positive, personal development, smiling, connecting with nature, etc.- but instead I decided to focus on how to easily and permanently change your habits to live a simple and fulfilling life. I believe that if you follow these main principles above, then the rest of living simply will come to you as a byproduct.

To living your best life,